Sunday, April 19, 2009


I 've been on hiatus for a while but now I'm back and intend to be posting weekly.
A reader wrote to ask what tips I may have to help spiff up her look for a Florida vacation without spending a bundle.
Look no further than your nearest Target! First head for the sun care department and pick up a sunblock made for babies. It works well on our delicate skin too and you can be sure it won't sting eyes or irritate.
Next head for accessories. They have a great selection of broad brimmed straw hats that will give even more protection besides giving you a touch of elan. If you don't need prescription glasses pick up a pair of over sized sun glasses. Instant glamor with out a hint of makeup. Why do you think celebrities go for this look.?You may want to pick up one of their cloth hobo style beach bags to sling over your shoulder while you're there. They are roomy, lightweight, stylish and inexpensive.
Next stop jewelery. What you're looking for is a chunky turquoise necklace in a short to medium length. It can dress up a tee shirt, look great peeking out from the collar of a white shirt, maybe worn open with a cami underneath. It also dresses up a plain black shift. If you only buy one thing this summer this should be it. Just make sure it isn't too delicate. At our age bold jewelry looks great and makes a statement You'll be surprised at how many colors this shade can work with and how stylish you'll look,
Final stop, cosmetics. Revlon Renewist is still my favorite lipstick, It's moisturizing , gives a little gloss and stays on better thn most. Coral Fixation is a great color for those warm climates
Neutrogena has a new automatic eye pencil that goes on smoothly and lasts. Try it in pewter. It's less harsh than black and in flattering to all eye colors. If you're in a rush just underline the lower lid from the corner to the mid eye point. You'd be surprised how that can define the eye.

For mascara try CoverGirl's LASHBLAST Get the waterproof one even if you're planning on staying land locked and you won't have to worry about smudges.
That's it. Just remember to stand up straight,lift from the rib cage and smile!


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