Monday, February 23, 2009


My cache' of concealers is considerable. Chanel shares space with. Maybelline, CoverGirl and others. None provide that flawless look I'm seeking. I either appear washed out, have that dreaded raccoon look, or my under eye shadows are still in evidence. My skin is fair and most cosmetic advisers take one quick look and present me with their lightest shade.
Not too long ago I finally hit on the right color. Wandering through Sephora, I found a concealer that had a great consistency and good coverage.(Amazing Concealer) They were out of the light shades so on a whim, because it was one of those things that I just had to have, I tried the medium. Bingo! There was great coverage without the hint of a shadow and there was a slight touch of pink that added instant brightness. I had found that elusive FLAWLESS!

Too many of us pick a shade lighter than our foundation or skin when the answer actually is something just a bit darker that covers what we're looking to cover. I recently read that Bobbie Brown recommends brushing a bit of bronzer over the undereye area to warm it up before applying concealer. I haven't tried it but I've sworn off those the paler shades for good.
Amazing Concealer is hard to find and expensive although it does last for about a year. A less costly alternative is L'Oreal Visable Lift Eye. It's not as thick as Amazing Concealer but I've used the medium( 178 )shade with good results.


emilyatheart said...

I've tried lots of concealers too. My big gripe is I don't want one dry but I don't want one that makes my mascara run. I hit on one that fits the bill to a degree: in other words, it's the best one I've found so far. Laura Mercier #2. In the one tiered pot (there's a two tiered pot which I don't like for the aforementioned reason). It covers, it's quick, not too light and doesn't make the mascara run. It's ok, not great, but better than the others.


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Rosie said...

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