Friday, April 24, 2009


Well at last I've found them. For the past few years I've been intrigued by the mention in numerous articles of ROHTO eyedrops. Top models are quoted as saying that they are the secret to their bright eyed look. The drops can be counted on to do the trick no matter how they partied the night before. Just a couple of squirts make eyes whiter and brighter.
I have sensitive eyes, the kind that tend to be red around the rim whether I've partied or not. As I've gotten older they've gotten drier and become even more sensitive. They look like my mother's. She suffered from the same problem and was a big consumer of Visine
I scoured the shelves of several drug stores looking for them to no avail. A stop at Sephora was met with a horrified "We wouldn't sell anything that you actually put in your eyes." Further research found that ROHTO eye drops were manufactured in Japan and not available in the US. I stopped looking
Then one day when I was sorting out the available eye drops at my local pharmacy there they were, a standout in an attractive oval acrylic and green container. 5$ on the counter and they were mine.
And yes they do work. My eyes feel refreshed, they look clear, the whites a blue white with nary a speck of red. "Turn around bright eyes"



Anonymous said...

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Susan said...

Thank you for sharing your tips!I'm going to try

Anonymous said...

I just ordered a bottle of these eye drops. I have dry eyes and alot of allergies. Hope these do the trick :)

Faye Prettyhead said...

Hey I have sensitive eyes too and would like to try this, but did it sting when you used it?

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