Saturday, November 22, 2008

One Minute Makeup

Okay I admit I may be vain but barefaced isn't my best look and it's amazing what a big difference just a little bit of makeup makes. Now I've come up with a quick way to avoid being caught with a naked face that I'd like to share with kindred souls. Just four products; I keep mine in a small see through, easy to grab makeup case and one minute of time and we're good to face the world.
1. Stick of cream concealer. ( I use Cover Girl for this purpose) apply under eyes, on eyelids and on any really noticeable discolorations. Blend.
2 A charcoal gray pencil eyeliner. (I like Maybelline's automatic pencil) Starting from the outer corner of the lower lid draw a line along the lash line stopping just after mid eye.
3. Black or dark brown mascara Apply a coat of mascara to top lashes only
4.A creamy lipstick I like Revlon Renewist in Coral Fixation it really brightens the face works well for most complexions. Then put a large dot of that same lipstick on your the outer edge of your cheekbones and blend well.
I timed this and it took me a few seconds under a minute. I'm known to be slow so you may do even better.


lelaelena said...

Hi, I wanted to let you know I'm a big fan of your blog and plan on profiling it in the coming few weeks on my own. (PS: I'm also doing a blog roll). Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Anonymous said...

Finally someone to speak up for the more mature woman who still likes to look good. May not be able to afford top end but there are a lot of us out here! When in a hurry my favorite is Boots tinted moisturizer (Target.)

Siladitya said...

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The Q said...

Great blog. I'll have to try your morning routine. Here's a great vid I found that has tips for a quick makeup routine.

Bj said...

Where are you Barb? You haven't posted in a while now, and I need all the tips I can get.

Nancy W said...

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Nalo Jones said...

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abcmamanyc said...

this is an awesome one minute regime, but i'd like to add a step that takes 5 seconds! I recently started using the Luminized Face Primer from Sally Hansen. This smooth primer makes my skin feel like butter and it has a slight pearlescence so my skin glows. A big benefit is that it's paraben-free and Carmindy from "What Not to Wear" helped create it. Love it! One Minute5 Second Makeup!

Hazel said...

This blog was a great find as really needed some fresh thinking on make-up. Good tips. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great Article. Want to share with my sisters and friends. Thank you

luminess said...

I confess, I can't apply makeup for only in a minute. But when I read this article, I guess I can do it. Thank you for posting.

Rosie said...

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