Sunday, November 02, 2008

Barb's Best Lipstick Buys

There's good news for those of us looking for ways to tighten our economic seatbelt. When it comes to slashing your beauty budget there's no need to look further than your drugstore or mass market retailer.(read Walmart)
In recent years the quality gap between department store brands and those of the mass marketers has narrowed considerably. Where you will find a major difference is in packaging and the the absence of the over eager and pushy beauty consultant. While it's nice to flash a fancy lipstick case or pressed powder compact it's even better to save upwards of $15. As for the beauty consultant, I've already done the leg work.
When I need a quick beauty fix I've long headed for the drug store cosmetic aisle. Those of you who follow my blog know that I've found plenty of bargains there among them two lipsticks that have my Repeat Purchase Seal Of Approval.

RenewestLipcolor is one . Its Pro-Collagen Moisture Care claims to instantly boost moisture by 80% while reducing the appearance of fine lines. It glides on, stays on longer than most and leaves your lips noticeably moist and smooth with just a hint of gloss. It also contains an SPF 0f 15 and comes in 24 shades. I love Raspberry Rush so much that I've just purchased my third tube. It's only downside is the case which is clear plastic and would never be mistaken for a high end brand. At under $9, just let your gorgeous lips speak for themselves.

London also has a winner in their Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick, The colors here, 30 of them, are more intense but they too are soft, smooth and feel good on your lips. They claim the color is locked in for up to 8 hours. I'd say a bit less but it did pass my two hour ballet class litmus test. At under $5 it's a beauty bargain! The color selection is great and the case passable!


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and love the tips..wish you could post pictures along with the info.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb,
Just bought a tube of Revlon Renewest but can't get the wretched tube open. Bummer! Your comments are spurring me on, however. Any suggestions!

Siladitya said...

Nice blog.
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miriamhyde54 said...

I'm turning 55 (although I do look a lot younger). I'm searching for the right look for my age. I still want to have fun with cosmetics, but not like when I was in my 20's. Will be reading!

Jay98 said...

Thanks for all your tips, Barb.

I'm 68 & need all the help i can get from my peers.

Going to Florida March 7th, and doing my best to get all the good things around me without spending a fortune.

If you can think of anything i should pick up down there, please let me know.

Mrs. Canuck

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb,
Just ran on your blog and enjoy your remarks and appreciate your finding really terrific affordable cosmetics!! Enjoy your writing style-very to the point without a lot of nonsense. You're a writer-I'm a graphic artist. Should you ever decide to write a beauty book I'd love to help illustrate it with you-at no cost to you upfront! There's a lot of books out there for the high-end consumer but not many for today's consumer-you know who I mean. We're all having to pinch pennies and most women WON'T give up cosmetics but would love to cut costs! I've got tons of recipes for homemade concoctions that really work as well as plenty of experience sluething out low cost cosmetics that really do work. However, I'm not as good with the written word as I am making something come to life on paper. Again, so happy to have found your blog!! I'm a fan! ~~~plantfreek

temptu said...

Thanks for the review, I do love lipsticks.