Wednesday, October 22, 2008


A while back a friend rhapsodized about the powers of a Nivea Creamy Oil (no longer in their product line) and of course I had to try it. About a half hour after rubbing it into my skin, I stood before my husband with arms and decollete smooth,glowing and craving a compliment. He reached out, touched me and quickly pulled his hand away. "What's that sticky stuff?"

That was it for me even though my dermatologist had advised that my severe dry skin would best be remedied with a combination of oil and lotion. It was also why I was a bit hesitant to try Dove's newest entry in the moisturizer market. DOVE CREAM OIL.Blame it on the chill in the air or the dryness in the house but in fall my skin yearns for more moisture. Despite fastidious use of sunblock summer's stronger rays still have a way of sneaking in and leaving their imprint on skin. Mine seems dryer and rougher and so I decided to give Dove a try.
My head still wrapped in a towel I applied it right after showering. It has a silky texture, smoother and thinner than Nivea's. By time I shook out and combed my hair it was completely absorbed and I was even able to pull on my ballet tights and leotard with out thinking they were being moisturized too! Give it a try and let me know what you think!



Trent said...

Thanks for the tip!

lelaelena said...

I agree that the addition of a good oil every once in a while can make a good difference, even in those of us that have plenty of our own oils.

I actually prefer to use things I get form the health store (economical and pure), though I REALLY want to try Nars's Monoi body glow 2 (the one with the tiare flower, so elegant).

For now I love me some jojoba butter, same properties as the oil, but less messy.

AnnStAmand070558 said...


I use both the body wash and the cream oil moisturizer.
I am Afro-Latina and have severely
dry skin.
In the summer I can get away with just the bodywash and skip the lotion.
Dove has saved my Skin! It is the best product ever for dry skin...Ann

amanda said...

I know this is not a cream in-laws who are in their 60's use Facial Secret. It uses LED light therapy to eliminate all kinds of skin imperfections...5-10min a day. I have seen the results and I would recommend it. It is also good because you use the unit in your own home. If ya'll are interested the website is

makeup said...

I have a stressed skin too, after work and that exactly my problem always.