Thursday, June 05, 2008

Michelle Obama's Style Trick

Michelle Obama appeared Tuesday night looking elegant and comfortable in a simple purple silk jersey dress (I'm guessing about the fabric) I don't know who her stylist is or even if she has one but it was the perfect choice for her curvaceous body. Accessorized with a wide black belt it was flattering and sexy with out being clingy.
I know from experience that a woman with an hourglass figure runs the risk of looking broad in the hips in such a dress. The only way to avoid that pitfall is simple, but not widely known. I stumbled upon the solution after spending an inordinate amount of time in front of the mirror performing all sort of contortions. The trick is to raise the waistline of the dress an inch or so above the natural waistline so that the fabric flows over the hips rather than jutting straight out, which emphasizes them. In Michelle's case the dress was belted just a bit above her natural waistline defining it.
She looked great, a woman confident in her body and in her dress. I'll be watching her wardrobe choices closely.

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