Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Worst Beauty Bargain

Most Sunday mornings you'll find me and my youngest son David in Target. It's the perfect destination for us. The roomy aisles easily accommodate his wheelchair and his CCI dog, Ian. The wide array of products provide much to interest us both although I must admit my attention tends to sag when he insists we linger in the tool department more than a few minutes. He feels the same way about the makeup section, which is why I picked up what I considered an incredible bargain rather quickly.
I was checking out the Boot's07 display. I've never used their products but had heard good things about them. What caught my attention was a a full size eyeliner and mascara packaged together for $6.99. It was a no brainer. I dropped it into the almost full basket that David balances on his lap and headed for the checkout. I was already feeling that nice surge of anticipation that surfaces before trying a new product.
Boot's Amazing Eyes Pencil is the usual kind, point on one end, smudger on the other. It's described as long wearing and silky smooth. It went on smoothly without any tugging. However when I checked it out I realized it hadn't imparted much color. I applied it again pressing a bit harder and found that it did indeed tug. The mascara went on easily with out clumping and defined my lashes nicely. However in ballet class, my friend Maxine informed me I had a black smudge on my eye lid. I gave it another try the next day and this time I checked in the rear view mirror before I got out of the car for class. There it was again; a black smudge by the outer corner of my eye. Good I saved the receipt!

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Girl-Woman said...

Barb, I am so impressed: ballet class!