Sunday, June 08, 2008


This year I decided to ignore the seasonal deluge of self-tanning products. I'd been a diehard user since the days of QT. back in the sixties. Being just one of the multitudes who looks better with a tan I'd sought that look with practically every product that came on the market.
Last year I found that I was spending too much time and money applying cream lotions and sprays in an effort to achieve that bronze glow. More often than not the results were streaky or artificial looking. Not to mention that tan itself was receiving a lot of bad press.
Tan has never been popular in the ballet studio where I spend a lot of time. Most dancers have skin that appears not to have seen the light of day. I decided this year to up my ballerina wattage and join them. No matter that my skin has enjoyed too many summers in the sun and so is spotted and discolored, I was still aiming for alabaster.
Then Total Beauty.Com which is just about the most comprehensive beauty site on the web sent me L'OREAL SUBLIME BRONZE PERFECT AIRBRUSH SELF-TANNING MIST. Right away it caught my attention with it's promise of ultra even no rub quick-dry application. It so happens that it arrived on the warmest day of the season, the day I had actually gotten out my shorts and was feeling a bit depressed that my legs didn't look as good as one would have expected after having spent so many hours in the ballet studio. There were all those sun spots and blue etchings and I'll spare you the rest.
I headed for the bathroom where I shaved and moisturized my legs . It is suggested that you cleanse and exfoliate using Sublime Bronze Sunless scrub but that's the sort of suggestion I usually ignore. I see it as a ploy to get you to invest in a second product. Any way I'm the sort that can't wait so I sprayed away following the directions to spray the mist slowly and continuously at arms length. I was taken back at how quickly I was able to apply it(less than five minutes and how rapidly it dried. Another five minutes and I was able to get dressed!. I couldn't wait to see how it dried but I got busy with one thing of another.
A few hours later I was surprised when I looked down and saw that my legs had indeed turned a nice golden tan and their various imperfections were much less noticeable even when I checked with my reading glasses on. The product smells very faintly of self tanner (You know the scent) but it's hands down better than any other I have ever tried. So much so that I'm seriously rethinking alabaster.
Cheers, Barb

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Cold Sore said...

A friend of mine tried lemmon juice directly on skin and under the sun, you can imagina she was not only tanned but with skin problems for almost a full decade.