Thursday, May 08, 2008


I don't know about you but I've had a hard time finding clothes lately. The stores are chock full of sleeveless flowing styles that warrant I appraise my arms with a more critical eye. Empire waists remind me of all those months spent pregnant and the cinched waist with a full skirt has a retro look better suited to my granddaughter. So what' s a woman over 60 to do? Don't laugh but I've even given fleeting thought to the sari that Indian women, no matter what their age, wear with such elegance.
I want elegance but with an edge that I'll not find at Ellen Tracy, Ann Klein and the rest of the group aimed at my demographic. It looks as if I'm out of luck for summer but fall is another story. just showed a photo shoot of Diane Von Furstenberg's fall collection. She knows what we want and she designs clothes that are sexy in understated elegant way. Her clothes are body conscious , but not clingy, the colors vibrant but not garish. She knows what flatters a woman's body regardless of size. One trick she shows repeatedly is a cardigan or jacket open but belted over a floaty dress, skirt or relaxed pants The belts she uses are about one half inch wide and work whether you want to show off or just define your waist. I picked up a terrific copy of the gold one in Filene's just the other day. Even if you can't afford the clothes, you can try to replicate this flattering look. Log on to Coutorture and see what I mean.

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