Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thinking About A New Hairstyle?

Maybe it's the time of year but as winter recedes I find myself dissatisfied with my present hair style. I'm up for something bouncy and sexy(I think) as opposed to the straight and blunt cut which I've sported for more than awhile. This has happened before and usually I end up a few weeks later just wishing I'd stayed with the tired but true. The problem is my communication with my hairdresser who unfortunately isn't a mind reader.

That's why I was thrilled to receive an on line newsletter from addressing just that dilemma. This weeks edition is all about hair and features 15 hairstyle ideas, sexy hair makeovers and color advice. There's a guide to covering gray or if you wish, to join their Growing In Gray Club although you won't find me among the members.
Best of all there's a way to try on one of those new looks before submitting to the sheers. All it takes is uploading a photo of your self to their Virtual Makeover tool to see how different cuts will look on you. There are hundreds to choose from including 25 celebrity styles. Now there's no longer any need for conversation with the hairdresser, just bring in the picture!

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