Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quickest Way To Protect Skin From UV Rays

No, I'm not suggesting you sequester yourself indoors for the summer but I have found that getting myself equipped to face the morning sun on my daily power walk takes a lot longer than it used to. For years I just smeared some sunscreen over my face and felt virtuous . Always being a bit shortsighted I never gave a thought to anything below my chin. It was those glaring mirrors at ballet class that gave me my comeuppance when they reflected neck and arm skin that looked considerably older than that on my face. I tried to rectify matters by expanding my sunscreen coverage which also added several minutes to my departure time.
Now I've discovered a product that may help hasten it.
SunGuard is a laundry product that washes sun protection into clothing and helps block more than 96% of UV rays from reaching your skin. UVP,Ultra Violet Protection is similar to SPF ratings for sunscreen. Most light weight and light colored summer fabrics do little or nothing to protect your skin from those harmful rays. A white tee shirt has a UVP factor of 5. Adding just one packet Of SunGuard to a warm or hot water laundry load along with detergent will increase sun protection to a UVP rating of 30. while not changing the texture, color or breathability of clothing. One treatment provides protection for up to 20 washings. This product is recommended by dermatologists and bears the Good Housekeeping and Skin Cancer's Foundation seals. Sounds good to me!
Cheers, Barb


brainwash said...

.AWESOME!!!! I'm going on a hunt for some of this stuff immediately!! Thank you for posting about a product like this...I live in the high desert and really in need of sun protection as much as possible.

Girl-Woman said...

This is pure genius. I just ordered a hat and beach cover-up that has a patented fabric that blocks 98 percent of the rays, but SunGuard is great for everyday clothing. I am trying to embrace the pale look this year. I guess it's never to late to start.

Agostina said...

Hi Barb,
I love your blog - your so right to help women over 60 with their beauty.
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brainwash said...

I just received my SUNGUARD and have washed all my Tshirts, skirts and cardigans in it! Thank you so much again for posting about this product!