Sunday, March 30, 2008


It hard to believe that one could scour drugstore and high end beauty counters, not to mention Sephora and still be unable to find a finely milled pink powder that could be applied with a brush as a finishing touch after makeup.
Only pink, not coral, bronze or red gives that color that at a young age appears naturally. It lights up the face and brings it alive like nothing else, save vigorous exercise or sex can. In her later years my mother achieved it by combining three products together (don't ask). I wanted the same result from one.
I began to feel like an aging Goldilocks looking for that perfect porridge. At Este Lauder I discovered a bright pink pressed powder that looked great in the store but was far too matte when I tried it at home. Walking past the Bare Minerals display I stopped short when I spied a container of pale pink loose powder along side of which was a large fluffy brush. Certain that I
had found what I was looking for,I gave it a try only to find the result so sparkly that I felt ready to step out on the stage.
Then like a fairy godmother, Benefit appeared with a new product thrrrob which they bill as a"turned on" face powder. It is a bright pink pressed powder with just a hint of sparkle which I must admit gave me pause. But Benefit has never disappointed and now they've kept their record intact. I grabbed the accompanying brush with out a thought of who may have used it before and swept the powder lightly across cheekbones, forehead and chin. When I peered in the mirror I looked as if I had just finished a marathon or tumbled out of bed!

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