Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I eagerly devour the countless beauty catalogues lugged to the door by my hard working mailman. Their delivery causes me to stop mid task, propelled by my search for that magical skin care treatment that may just be lurking inside those glossy pages . However lately I've been struck by the skyrocketing price of many high end products.
One in particular by LaMer tops out at $650. Who buys these creams and more importantly do they offer proven results? Most often it's a hung jury. The tests they site are usually self reported by a small sample of women. Occasionally you'll find one recommended by a dermotoligist . However a close investigation may uncover the fact that he has some connection to the manufacturer.
However there is one product that you won't find at any cosmetic counter but that is universally endorsed by dermatologists as a wrinkle treatment. It's Renova, a Vitamin A derivative. Think a kinder gentler Retin A. The generic name is Tretinoin Cream

I started using it before my recent face rejuvenation and in one month I saw a distinct improvement in my skin. My cheeks were less wrinkled, though not enough for me to even consider cancelling my appointment. When I told my surgeon, Scott Wells M.D. I was using it he said he would have prescribed it prior to the surgery if I wasn't. It improves skin quality by helping boost collagen production as does the ACTIVE FX Lazer that he would be using as part of my rejuvenation

So from now on I'll be skipping those pages of face treatment products and their dubious promises. Its RENOVA for me as I strive to preserve my new and much improved face. But never fear; I'll still comb those catalogues for products to enhance it