Monday, December 10, 2007

Luscious Lips That Last

Okay, I'll admit it. I've never been a big fan of lipliner. I always regarded it as just one more step in what was starting to become an ever increasing, time consuming process. For the most part, I just didn't see the point. Then too lipliner conjured up visions of that heavily outlined and then filled in with a lighter shade look, that was popular on lips decades ago.
Well time have changed and so have my lips. Never particularly full and lush they started to thin while I wasn't paying attention . Lipstick was harder to apply and the result often gave new meaning to the term "a dash of lipstick" On the advice of my friend Maxine from ballet class whose lips are always, full,lush and perfectly madeup I decided to use a lip pencil.

I've hit upon a terrific one by Rimmel, 1000 Kisses lip liner pencil. It comes in a wide variety of nine shades and is easy to use. Starting from the corners of the mouth even someone as artistically challenged as I am can draw a perfect line. I then fill it in with Rimmel's Cool Shine Lipstick. It's billed as the first gel lipstick that is vitually wax free and infused with 25% purified water. It feels delightful on and gives my newly full lips a luscious shine. The duo has staying power and while I can't vouch for 1000 kisses my lips are certainly much more kissable!