Monday, November 26, 2007


Just when I thought the quick fix queen was bereft of new tricks out comes another cute combo, Justinecase. This handy little kit contains mini versions of four Benefit favorites: Benetent lip and cheek color, Some Kind of Gorgeous foundation , Eyecon Eye Brightener and California Kissin Gloss which adds a touch of mint to your kiss along with some shine.
This is the perfect find for Holiday time and not just as a present. Keep one in your purse and you can appear rested and gorgeous, ready to party at a moments notice.
A word about Eyecon: With my new and improved eyes I though it was high time to take the advice given by my mother shortly before my thirtieth birthday. "Use eye cream," she said eying the lines spiking from the corners of mine. So finally, I've taken her advice. I recently purchased Eyecon and it's soothing qualities are just what my eyes need to keep them in tip top condition.

Cheers, Barb