Sunday, November 18, 2007


The last item on the to do list before my face lift was to purchase a new concealer. I had been using NARS which I liked but thought I should be prepared with something more heavy duty.

I popped in to Sephora and cornered one of their consultants for advice. She mentioned Makeup Forever and Vincent Longo as possible choices. Vincent Longo was new to me and" new," with its unknown possibilities always beckons; so Vinny it was. It comes in a disk container and I liked its combination of opaque coverage and moisturizing qualities. I thanked the consultant, got a sample of Bobbie Brown foundation (how I love those Sephora samples) and got at the end of the long line.
As I inched my way toward the front a display caught my eye: Amazing Concealer put out by I company I had never heard of Amazing Cosmetics. I opened the small black tube and gave it a squeeze. Spackle best describes it. I found a mirror and spread it under one eye. A little goes more than a very long way, so I tried just a bit on the other eye. It was amazing, not only did it cover but it provided a hint of tightening as well. I still wasn't cancelling my surgery but I said a hasty goodby to Vinny for the time being and purchased Amazing Concealer instead.

It was the first product I used after surgery and it hasn't disappointed . If you are just looking to erase routine under eye circles they include an easy diagram to follow that makes them disappear. But as for the black, blue and yellow of post surgery or any other discolorations this stuff is really amazing and certainly does the job!