Sunday, November 25, 2007


I'm the original try before you buy consumer. The sales associates at Sephora pay me no attention as I wander between displays smudging this and that on my hand and face. Lately though I've given second thoughts to trying those samples set out for the world at large to use. True there is no shortage of disposable applicators but all sorts of apprehensions are surfacing. What about those who double dip? Can germs thrive in makeup? Can they spread? Wondering about such things has dampened my enthusiasm for this particular pastime.
I think it was my desire to try false eyelashes with out making a significant outlay that made me take a different look at a cosmetic company called E.L.F. They makes mini sizes of a wide range of beauty products and price them at a dollar each. For that amount I purchased their Natural Lash Kit. It comes complete with lashes, tray, adhesive gel and directions. I can't wait to try them but want to clear it with my plastic surgeon first! I'll let you know.
Meanwhile their products are intriguing and the array wide. I felt like a kid in a candy store just cruising the site. How would I look in dark red lipgloss? What about yellow eyeshadow? Such possibilities. Of course it's not free but there are no nasty germs to spoil the fun!