Monday, November 05, 2007


Well, my big day dawns tomorrow when a car will whisk me into NYC to the office of Scott B. Wells M.D. shortly after the sun rises. I didn't expect to be nervous, excited yes, but nervous. no, except that I am.
"Are you packed" each of my daughters asks when they call. Packed? This is a bare bones trip. Nothing to take but myself. The printed instructions that I've read and re- read say no jewelery, no cosmetics, no cash; shower the night before, no food after midnight. Bring the prescribed medications, an antibiotic and painkiller along with Arinica Montana a homeopathic medicine to reduce bruising and swelling that Dr. Wells also prescribed.
I've already finished a seven day pre-op perscription for Vitamin K and have laid out a zip front warm up suit purchased at the Gap especially for the occasion because recommendations also include loose clothing and something that opens in the front along with flat shoes. So I'm set and should be out the door and on my way in no time at all. One more thing I'm taking my camera and I promise to share the pictures from each stage, no matter how bad.