Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I ignored Chanel's latest foundation offering when it first appeared. The word "innocence" put me off and I assumed it was targeted to a much younger demographic. The wording in the the advertising copy didn't speak to me either, especially the line about letting skin's natural glow show through. Let's face it, at this stage I'm looking for makeup to give me that elusive glow.

On the other hand Chanel makeup has been a family tradition begun by my mother who would use no other. So while I was researching the high end foundations I had to give it a try

Liquid silk was the thought that came to mind as I rubbed it over my cheeks It felt great;more like a lotion than Cliniques Supermoisture foundation which was creamy. Still the skeptic, I thought it probably wouldn't cover that well but I was presently surprised. Not only did it cover but it provided that glow I'm always searching for. I was already to purchase it when my daughter, Kim reminded me to hold off until after I had my surgery. She said Iwould probably need a different shade then after the peel with the Active FX Laser.

Tomorrow it's off to the drug store to see what new foundations are lurking there.