Saturday, November 10, 2007


Day two after surgery I awoke tired and swollen. The post surgery euphoria of the previous day had disappeared and my energy level was low. However while there was some discomfort there was little pain.

Day three found me feeling more like myself. My energy had returned but my face felt tight as a drum and there was significant discoloration especially below my right eye. When my daughter called from CA to ask how I looked I replied "Picture an abused woman who feel asleep on a beach in the Bahamas. "

The next day my skin felt even more taut. So much so that I called Dr. Well's office to see if what I was experiencing was normal. A call back from each of the staff there assured me that it was. Knowing that my face wasn't going to explode made the experience more tolerable but I took a painkiller at night to help me sleep. Previously I had been making do with extra strength Tylenol

Yesterday I went back to Dr. Wells. He removed the stitches from my lower eyelids and some of the dead peeling skin from around my mouth

Today, (Sunday) the sloughing process has accelerated and like a snake shedding it's scales much of my new lower face is emerging. I'm trying not to get too excited but from what I see, and you can be sure I spend considerable time looking using both a regular and magnifying mirror , it looks better than any skin I ever had before. Now tomorrow I'm back to Dr. Wells to have the rest removed and maybe some stitches too . We're coming down the homestretch!

An aside. I didn't let my peeling face keep me home bound. My daughter-in-law was hosting a small party to promote her web site, Elie's I had planned on going and getting a start on my Christmas shopping. I certainly felt well enough and had no qualms about anyone viewing my peeling and discolored but otherwise OK countenance, so off I went. The women were uniformly supportive and very, very interested. each one cornered me privately and asked the not so gory details. None had any idea that plastic surgery had evolved to the point where one wasn't confined for a month or so.
But then again neither had I.