Monday, September 10, 2007

Sure Cure for Dry Skin

I know you're skeptical. I was too when I first heard this solution to alleviate dry and scaly skin. My new dermatologist was peering closely at every inch of my body searching for suspicious looking growths. "There's nothing, she said snapping off her gloves," but your skin is very dry." Well that wasn't news. I've been battling that dryness with an arsenal of lotions and creams,from drug store staples like Vaseline Intensive Care to high end products like Jo Malone, for ages. On the advice of my last dermatologist I shortened my time in the shower and I rubbed my body with safflower oil instead of lotion on the advice of another. This was an OK, not too mention extremely economic solution,until I got a whiff of what smelled suspiciously like a fast food restaurant wafting from my closet.

My new dermatologist had yet another solution. "Use oil on your body and then rub on lotion after. Give the oil a few minute to penetrate before you do." Sounded simple enough but I dislike any two step process. Still I detested even more the vertical lines that dryness was etching on my arms.

Off I went in search of body oil. There were whole sections of bath oil but the pickings were slim when it came to body oil. Finally I found one by Neutrogena (light sesame scented oil)

I followed the dermatologist directions waiting a few, albeit impatient, minutes before I applied the lotion. I then felt like a major oil slick and had to put off getting dressed for another five minutes . It was turning in to the kind of beauty fix that I really dislike; both labor and time intensive.

But it was worth it. My limbs were smoother than I'd seen them in years,the vertical lines were no where in sight and even when I awoke the following morning my skin still looked good. So what's an extra five minutes or so. Some things just warrant a little more time.



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