Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Premier Primer

There I was after a two month hiatus back in Sephora not knowing which way to go first. So many new products, so little time. I headed for Benefit where I found that they too had jumped into the primer parade with an entry called"that gal" brightening face primer.
While most primers are housed in a pump bottles or tubes Benefit's is presented in a plastic cylinder capped with a wide perforated top. When you twist the bottom of the cylinder a luscious petal pink cream wiggles its way out.

I headed for the mirror and smoothed it over my face on top of whatever makeup was left from earlier in the day. It had a cool silky feel and I looked brighter immediately. "But you know I still have some other makeup under it" I said to the sales girl when she complimented me. Not to worry, she said. The product could be used alone, under or even on top of makeup. But she still insisted it was a primer??? I had an almost full bottle of Smashbox primer at home so I didn't purchase the new product.
When I started to cleanse my face that night I noticed I looked better than I usually did at that hour which is most often, just this side of hagged. Then I recalled the label which read brightening face primer. Benefit is a bastion of brightening products. Witness their It Stick, High Beam (a favorite of mine)and Eye Bright. All deliver a brightening radiance. This latest product carries on the tradition and an almost full bottle of Smahbox or not I have to add it to my collection.

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