Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I first stumbled upon Rimmel cosmetics in a drugstore while amusing myself during an over long wait for a prescription. I picked up a lip plumper lipstick for $5.00. as a little reward and have been hooked on their products ever since. Rimmel is a London based company. Their foray into the US hasn't been widely advertised but their wide array of lip products, nail polish and eye pencils are all high quality and can easily compete with department store brands. They have foundations too but at the advice of my mother, who favors only Channel, I have avoided drugstore foundations for years.
Then last week in the dressing room after a tough ballet class, I realized I looked as beat as I felt. Maybe worse. I searched in my makeup bag for the sample size foundation I usually carry to no avail. No big deal except I was also scheduled to attend an important meeting in less than a half hour.
Walmart was the only option on the way and thinking Revlon or maybe L'Oreal I made a pit stop. There I found the largest Rimmel display I had ever seen and among their offerings was something called RECOVER, that had my name on it. Billed as an illuminating, anti- fatigue foundation it had vitamins C and E and was only $5.00. I applied it in the car peering into my rear view mirror. I looked surprisingly better than I expected. Then just to make sure I stuck my head out the window and looked in the side view one which I knew to be less flattering. Still not bad at all. The product covers better than tinted moisturizer but is not as heavy as most foundations and the soft beige color I picked on a whim blended perfectly. Maybe my mother should reconsider.

So now I'm a fan of the brand in its entirety! It great to be able to try new colors and looks without a substantial outlay. Could be that their lack of advertising and bare bones packaging is the reason for their low cost. However change could be on the horizon. I recently noticed that Allure has singled out some Rimmel lipsticks on their editorial pages. Let's hope the prices will hold!

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