Tuesday, June 12, 2007


There was a time when I never thought about makeup for the beach. Just a comb and some lipstick tucked into the pocket of my beach bag did the trick. Unfortunately those days are gone and being a woman whose face now craves makeup, the idea of showing up bare faced at the shore holds no appeal and few things are more incongruous than the sight of a fully made up woman surrounded by sunlight and sand. A hat and large sunglasses provide effective camouflage but what happens when you decide to go for a swim? In my case, once the glasses are off my under eye circles and uneven skin tone are spotlighted and my pale eyes are all but invisible without liner and mascara. Just lipstick no longer cuts it.
However technology keeps advancing and a trip to my favorite source of all things cosmetic left me with some solutions. Makeup For Ever makes a long lasting waterproof concealer that promises to cover scars and tattoos as well as facial discolorations and under eye circles. It is oil free, has a matte finish and a high concentration of pigment. It goes on smoothly and feels light.
I can't speak for its effectiveness on scars or tattoos but it does hide my pigmentation and under eye circles and most importantly stays put.
Sephora's waterproof kohl pencil liner goes on without any pull or tug and stays right in place without smudging throughout countless swims. It comes in blue or black. I picked the blue and found it makes my eyes appear brighter. In fact I like it so much that I find myself reaching for it even when I'm not headed for the beach.
As for mascara, I yet to find a waterproof one that can beat Maybelline New York VolumExpress Turbo. It's waterproof and smudge proof without leaving behind those annoying clumps and it only takes a few strokes to achieve the look of luxurious lashes.



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