Friday, May 18, 2007


"Just A bit of concealer, some bronzer and I'm good to go." That snippet of conversation caught my attention and I turned to check out the woman who had uttered it. She was about my age but with the outdoor, healthy sort of good looks that proclaim time spent on the tennis courts or playing golf.

It's the look I crave in summer and that results in me experimenting with several different self tanners that end up just magnifying my discolorations. I also spend more money that I like to admit on bronzers that turn out to be either too orange or too drying or end up caking in my wrinkles.

Somewhere I read that Guerlain had come out with a new moisturizing bronzer but unfortunately my local Sephora didn't have it. I was set to try elsewhere when the salesgirl asked if I had tried the new GlowFusion Bronzer which promised to fill in fine lines and wrinkles while giving a healthy glow. Now that had my name on it and I sprinted over to the display with her following behind. She snapped open an attractive silver compact and reveled a shade called Golden that she thought would work for me. In the past I would have taken it but this summer I am seeking more of just a hint of color(trying to stay away that orange) and so I choose Luminous, their palest tint. I also purchased a large fluffy Sephora brush to apply it with.

At home I swept the blush across each side of my face in a W, starting at the temple going down to the apple of my cheek and up across my nose and stepped back. I looked healthy and yes luminous but I wasn't getting too excited because I've found that sometimes the way I look in my bathroom mirror doesn't translate well to other locations. Instead I gave it my personal Litmus test and one that has sent many products flying back to Sephora. I got out the large magnifying mirror, stood by the window and pulled up the blind flooding the room with light. I scrutinized my reflection from every angle using both magnifications. There was not a hint of caking. The finish had a slight sheen and my lines were defused if not filled in. I too was "good to go."

That night at ballet class my friend Marrieta,who I hadn't seen in awhile, commented on how well I looked. "It's bronzer," I told her. I didn't mention the eyeliner,mascara and lip gloss also adorning my face. After all for me,"good to go" or not, those items are a given.