Sunday, February 04, 2007

Who's A Babe Over 60?

Okay so babes and 60 are not exactly synonymous but times are changing. Sixty is no longer what it was when our mothers reached that milestone. As a group we are healthier, more active and vibrant than any previous generation and as the Boomers join our ranks, the stereotype of the little old lady,frail and bent with tightly permed white hair will be put to rest. We're redefining what 60 and over looks like
That being said,what is a Babe?
A Babe is a woman who maintains her sensuality throughout her life.
She abhors helmet hair,obvious makeup,and anything that screams "matronly".
A Babe does not own a pair of plain white cotton underpants.
She would rather arrive at a party with wet hair than don one of those plastic rain bonnets.
A Babe in comfortable in her skin and has developed her own sense of style. She incorporates elements of current fashion but isn't a slave to it.
She is determined to look attractive and enjoy each stage of life.

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