Monday, January 29, 2007

Winter Skin Pick-Me-Up

Come this time of year the usually pale face that stares back at me each morning has taken on a grayish cast and its surface is dry and dull. What to do? Get a facial?
New makeup? Acually I'm on austerity due to overspending for Christmas.
As I contemplated my image I recalled a product I had seen by Philosophy,a company I always had an affinity for mostly based on the names they give their products. There's Grace, Hope in a Jar, and my favorite, When Hope is Not Enough.
The product I was thinking of had a simple no nonsence name, peptide peels to go and at $35. was right for my budget. The box said that the 3 step system combined the best of microdermabrasion and chemical peels along with a jar of 30 microdelivery mini peel pads saturated with lactic acid and antioxidents for daily use.
Step I involves covering face and neck with Vitamin c/ peptide resurfacing crystals and then applying the latic/salicylic acid activating gel. You leave it on for just three minutes and then rinse well. The box also contains a bottle of Purity made simple facial cleanser. The whole process took about five minutes.
Afterwards my skin looked polished with a rosy glow,with not a tinge of gray in sight. Besides which I had enough of the products left for at least three more peptide peels not counting the mini peel pads.

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