Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Guess Who's Courting Us?

It's none other than DOVE and just as in their previous ad campaigns they are using real women not professional models in their ads. This time they are promoting their new Pro-Age line, aimed at women over 50. Just wait until you see these women. They are nude, but discretely posed. However in full view are their age spots, wrinkles and fat rolls and a prouder, happier group of women you would be hard pressed to find. Their smiles leap off the page. True beauty is about acceptance and loving yourself and they certainly epitomize those qualities. What a lesson for us all. I found the ads so inspiring that I quickly exited to my local drug store to check out the products.
The line is extensive including skin and hair care products all especially formulated to enhance and treat our special needs. They contain super moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin and olive oil.
I picked up a tube of their hand cream said to promote faster cell turnover along with nourishment and protection for even tone and texture. Then I glanced at the body moisturizers of which I already have an extensive collection. However I am always on the lookout because I have yet to find one that says THIS IS IT! My criteria is a product that will erase or camouflage for a day or so those vertical lines on my arms that shout "old lady". Not all older women have them. My informal survey tells me they are more prevalent on slender women who have had, and are now paying for, their day in the sun. Those lines do not seem to affect our more well padded friends as much. Anyway Dove has a regular moisturizer and also one for extra dry skin called Creamy Oil Moisturizer. Of course I had to buy it and tried it as soon as I got home. No matter that there was dinner to cook and phone calls to be returned. I have my priorities. The product is thick and creamy and was absorbed more quickly than I expected. My lines were nowhere in sight. However this had happened with other creams as well so I didn't get too excited. The litmus test would be how my arms looked the next day. You guessed it the first thing I did was check them out. The lines were back but much less visible. After a quick shower I applied more of the moisturizer and made it all the way through ballet class with out a line in sight.
Dove's Pro-age models and all ROCKS
Cheers, Barb

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