Tuesday, October 24, 2006

There's Nothing Like A Little Camouflage With Color.

Every once in a while,don't ask me why I try the bare-faced look. No makeup except for eyes,lips and cheeks. You're laughing already. I think I try to fool my self in to believing that I don't need much camouflage in order to look good. Talk about denial! This summer was one of those times. It was only sunblock and concealer for me and absolutely no positive feedback.
Come fall I decided to try some tinted moisturizer. I'd tried several in the past but most were too drying, or came in only one tint etc. Anyway, they were never the success I hoped they would be. Then on a browse through Sephora I discovered Cosmedicine. It's a new line of skin care products and among its offerings is Honest Face Skin Tint and Treatment with a SPF of 20.
Sephora has started to label products for the kind of skin condition they are most effective on which certainly should cut down on the returns! Honest Skin is targeted for dry,aging or sensitive. Since mine fit all of the above criteria I just had to try it. it comes in four shades so I was able to find a good match. It has a silky feel like the best moisturizers,was quickly absorbed and left my face with a subtle glow that lasted all day! Best of all it evened out my skin tone! This looks like a keeper and repeat purchase. The insert says that in tests users saw a 72% reduction in dryness and a 41% increase in elasticity. I can't comment on that yet but I can tell you I've gotten some positive feedback from my ballet pals who are a very discerning group.

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