Friday, October 27, 2006

Hair That Shimmers and Shines
There I was my head hanging back over the shampoo sink while the colorist and her assistant peered at my hair,picking up a strand here and there appraising the results. I waited, hoping I wouldn't have to go back under the accelerator. Then the verdict was in and the colorist snapped off her gloves and nodded toward the assistant "Great, cap it." "Cap it?" I inquired "It's a glaze,just goes on for five minutes and it makes your hair shiny." So now I knew.
Maybe you've experienced it too. You come out of the salon after having your hair colored and besides having those nasty roots camouflaged your renewed color has depth and your hair is so unbelievably shiny that you find yourself spending quite a bit of time searching for your reflection just to enjoy the sight. However despite your best efforts within a month that shine has dulled and if it's like my hair, it is at that point, rather lifeless.
So you can imagined how excited I was to see thst John Frieda, whose products for high-lighted hair I use, had recently added a glaze to his line. It claims to and I read right from the bottle, refresh dull blonde hair with a touch of fresh blonde color, silky texture and glistening shine. And do you know what? This is a product that delivers on its promise. The results were more than I had hoped for. Now, five weeks after getting my highlights done my hair has that fresh from the salon look. The glaze also come in shades for brown and red hair.

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