Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I awoke this morning with clogged sinuses and chapped lips. When I squinted into the mirror my hair looked as I had stuck my finger in an electrical outlet. Then I realized that the sound I'd heard during the fog of sleep had been the heat chugging up from the basement, drying the air along with me. Time to get out the humidifier.

It's hard to believe what a lack of humidity can do to your hair and complexion. A few years ago I learned that what my mother always said, you need to keep that humidifier going during those cold weather nights or else face the consequences, was true. No night cream, no matter how luxurious can duplicate its benefits. I just wish that someone would invent a small one that's a bit more attractive and maybe could function with out such maintenance as weekly cleanings and occasional filter changes.
But such is the price of beauty! And speaking of beauty, Lucky Magazine and the Coutorture Blog Community are teaming up for one of Coutorture's fabulous giveaways so sign on and good luck.

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