Thursday, July 20, 2006

In my ongoing scrutiny of our contemporaries, I've noticed something we all have to work on. The majority of us have either developed or are developing a so called dowagers hump or our lower back tends to pitch forward at about a 25 degree angle.
Now I know this doesn't sound too pretty but the good news is that both can be modified considerably and I don't mean by taking your fosamax though that MAY help too. The remedy is simple. Whether sitting or standing LIFT from the rib cage, get those ribs off your stomach!! Doing so will automatically straighten your shoulders and align your pelvis. While your at it remember to lift you chin too and the years will drop.
This is a trick I learned from my mother, a woman always ahead of her time. If any one knew how to look good as the years piled up, It was her! She was the original "babe" though she would have much preferred to be called a lady.

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