Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Must Have For All Seasons
I just finished devouring How to Be a Budget Fashionista, (the ultimate guide to looking fabulous for less)

This gem of a book tells how to shop, dress and keep your wardrobe current no matter what your size, age, or income! I thought I knew it all but let's say that I learned more than a few things. The book covers everything from how to set up a shopping budget ( including sources of money to fund that budget!) to evaluating your body shape and deteriming your personal style.

Once you are armed with that knowledge the author Kathryn Finney provides you with a list of maunfacurers and stores geared to your individual needs. She covers lingerie, beauty products and shoes, as well as clothing and in each category lists expensive items and then their budget equivalent both matched to your personal style. The section on department stores, offprice department stores, mass market discount stores and outlet malls is worth the price of the book. ($12.95 USA)
Ms Finney's chatty and informative style makes you feel as if a close friend is sharing her secrets. She also has a website (www.thebudgetfashionista.com) that is chock full of more information to keep us on the fashion forward track. Whether you are a fashion know it all like me or have no fashion sense what's-so- ever and would like to develop some,this is the book. It makes a great gift too.

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