Sunday, June 18, 2006

Just In Time For Summer

Rubbing on that sunblock is just another have to, sort of like brushing your teeth. It's one of those maintenance things , there's no immediate improvement so you just have to trust that it works over the long run. I'm the type that thrives on immediate gratification so it's nothing I've ever gotten excited about. Then a few days ago I ran into my good friend Kathy as she finished her morning run. As we chatted I was diverted from the conversation by the GLOW on Kath's face.
Of course I had to ask even though Kath with her all American good looks is the low maintenance type when it comes to beauty products. "Sunblock" was her answer. "What kind?" She shrugged and said she'd call me later.

Turns out that is was Neutrogena Age Shield Sun Block SPF 45 and yes it does give a GLOW and what's more it gives the skin a uniform look blurring the appearance of age spots and other discolorations much as a primer would. Primers are really popular now and while I've tried them at Sephora and they work, I like to avoid any two step process. The less time spent on enhancement the more virtuous I feel. So here we are with a sunblock that does double duty. Now that's something to get excited about.

PS I noticed that the sunblock contains Avobenzone, an ingredient that is also found in the same concentration in my moisturizer, Clinique Superdefense. Could be the sunblock does triple duty!

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