Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Big Cover Up Part I

Accessories are like exclamation points! They can punch up even the most mundane of outfits and turn them into fashion statements. Right now the offerings in that category are abundant and the accessory deparment at any store from Saks to Target is my next stop right after I browse the cosmetics.
Check out the belts especially the wide ones which are meant to be worn low on the hips and over a loose fitting blouse or tee shirt. With the right proportion this is a flattering look to almost any figure type and immediately adds some definition and style when worn with either a skirt,slacks or jeans
You'll also find a wealth of wraps,scarves,shawls,and shrugs. A note of caution for the entire group. There are more than a few pitfalls to be found and we must choose carefully. Walk right on by anything that looks as if it's been crafted with a crochet hook. It's not the look we're striving for and screams old lady rather than whispering seductively "babe". That caveat includes those item trimmed in crochet too.
Buy a large wrap or shawl only if you can wear and carry it with elan. If you're constantly rearranging and fussing with it the elegant but sensuous image we like to project is ruined. Go for a smaller triangle shaped one instead. You can tie the ends in front or pull them under your arms and tie them in back- a nice look if you get the hang of it and a good way to cover those upper arms as well. (More on those arms in an other post)
Scoop up those chiffon scarves in colors to match your tee shirts and knitted tops and thread then through the belt loops on jeans ,slacks or skirts.
Take a good look at those shrugs .. They've been around for the last couple of years and if you choose carefully and find one that fits well but not tightly and doesn't tie too high up you have an instant wardrobe updater. A loose fitting chiffon or knit one can enable you to wear one of those cocktail dresses that designers this year have neglected to adorn with sleeves. The Garnet Hill catalogue features a great just above the waist shrug done in a very lightweight cashmere. It's quite reasonable and is the sort of thing you will find yourself reaching for repeatedly. More to come.

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