Friday, April 28, 2006

Undercover Agent

I've been using the same concealer, Este Lauder's wand for a few years now( I,m not referring to the new one with the highlighter. I've used that too but found that the coverage was not as good. Concealer is the one beauty product I can't live with out. Okay so that's an overstatement. There is most likely a whole list of products but concealer is right up there near the top. The right one allows you,on a good day to dispense with foundation and just cover the eye area and any discolorations.
Not long ago I went to replace that favorite only to be told they had discontinued it. I made a quick tour of all my favorite beauty suppliers and even some I had never cared for to be greeted with the same news. So I brought their replacment, a concealer in a tube that you apply with your finger or a brush. Either way I found it too drying besides which is seemed drawn to my wrinkles, settling in them in a most unattractive way. What to do? I had already at various times tried Channel, which offers a concealer in a stick form and one with a wand,but was unimpressed. Ditto for Lancome and Clinque.
Then I met my friend Riva at Starbucks and she was looking unusually bright eyed even though she has long lamented her undereye circles. "Cle De Peau" she answered, when I inquired. I recognized the name as a favorite of celebrities and makeup artists and I knew it cost in the neighborhood of $65. which was why I never tried it. Riva swore it was worth it and she is right. It comes in a stick form, goes on easily and smoothly and is opaque. Today I went to ballet class with just that and some blush. Well to be honest I was wearing eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick too but they weren't on my skin. I have to face it, a natural beauty I'm not! The concealer stayed on and looked as good at 5 o'clock as it did when I first applied it.
It's worth the money!

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