Tuesday, July 20, 2010


After peering at my rough red scaly (and ugly) patches through the glass that appears attached to his eye, my dermatologist pronounced then all pre- cancerous.  One was more suspicious looking than the others so he biopsied it and said that he would scrape the rest at my next appointment.  
As soon as I heard pre cancerous I was ready with my question.  Could the problem possibly be caused by oxybenzone? He shook his head no almost before I got the word out. I told what I had read but he reiterated that it wasn't the cause.  I then told him how many products I used that contained the drug but he stuck to his guns and at that point I detected a slight note of impatience.
A few days later he called to say that the one he had deemed suspicious was not malignant but rather odd.  He'd scrape it with the rest.
 I've decided to use what ever products I have that contain Oxybenzone but not to buy any more containing it in the future.   What about you?


Anonymous said...

I don't worry so much about oxybenzone. After two surgeries for skin cancer, I've learned to focus on sun exposure. I can't do anything about the tans and burns I had as a teenager, but I can avoid exposure now. And I apply a titanium dioxide sunblock every day, not just on the days I plan to be outside. In other words, I follow the advice of my dermatologist.

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