Friday, September 24, 2010


Dresses made a major resurgence a few seasons back and being a fan of one step dressing I welcomed their return. However they've been a disappointment. They look great on the rack and I grab armfuls to try on, only to find that when I do their attractiveness vanishes. They just hang and are not at all flattering. Many friends my age voice the same opinion and it got me to thinking.

Back in the nineties and late eighties, dresses were the mainstay of my wardrobe and I recall no problem with the fit. So what's different? As I stood in the dressing room fussing with a dress tugging at the hem, lifting it at the shoulder, and tying the belt in different places, I suddenly knew; it needed shoulder pads. I'm not talking those mammoth Dynasty ones here just a moderate pad that helps give a garment shape and affects the way it fits and hangs. As we grow older most of us, despite time spent at the gym and maintaining a constant weight still tend to get a bit round shouldered which can throw our bodies out of proportion. A shoulder pad can work wonders. Why do you think they never banished them from men's wear?


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Miriam said...


Thank you! I have small shoulders and have hated the dresses, jackets, blouses without shoulder pads. My adult/teenage daughters all yell at me how old-fashioned they are, but they make me look great! Agreed, not the mammoth one (although I've always loved the Kate Hepburn look). Now, I just need to get the courage to tell them to shush!

Is there a way to convince designers to start using them again???

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