Thursday, August 14, 2008


I've been spending the summer in a place that knows not of Sephora or Saks and Walmart has become the sole source of my beauty fix. I've been pleasantly surprised by the extraordinary selection and the sometimes incredible buys I've found there.
They must have some sort of arrangement with mass market cosmetic manufacturers to bundle products together and offer them as specials. Just yesterday I found my current favorite mascara, Cover Girl's Lash Blast in very black packaged with their Perfect Point Plus Self Sharpening Eye Pencil,(charcoal and Eye Enhancers Shadow in french vanilla.
All items are full sized and the package comes in different color combos.
I usually pay around $7.00 for the mascara alone! The package was $9.99.
I may just have to add Walmart to my list of cosmetic sources year round!


Anonymous said...

Thanks ) I can't agree more )

Hair Iron said...

Good deal!!!