Friday, February 08, 2008

My Addiction Ruined My Skin

For twenty five years I ran almost everyday. Winter winds battered my face, summer sun baked it. This was back in a time when sunscreen had yet to boast a high profile . I pounded the pavements because I, who had lived to age forty with out ever being in the least athletic, had discovered that I could put one foot in front of another, move forward at approximately ten minutes a mile and with the resulting endorphins surging through my body, feel better than I ever had. I never gave a thought to my face until I arrived at age 60 with sags, line and much discoloration.

Recently I received a sample of Pure Cloud Cream from skyn ICELAND, a company whose skincare line is designed to treat the effects of stress on the skin. Pure Cloud Cream boasts among its ingredients Sodium hyaluronate a powerful moisturizer, Biosheric Complex a proprietar blend that delivers vital nutrients of Iceland's natural resources, oat extract an anti irritant, and hydolyzed rice protein said to preserve healthy collagen.
I used it after a long, cold and windy walk and found it extremely soothing. There was absolutely no burning or tingling and it was quickly absorbed leaving no residue, just satin soft skin. Pure Cloud Cream is also recommended for women who have had laser or cosmetic surgery. Oh, if only I had it back in November when I underwent both.

This product also contains peptides which are said to help relieve skin irritation and discomfort by stimulating the release of endorphins. I know that peptides do lots of good things for our skin but I'm skeptical about their ability to release endorphins. My skin felt better but that endorphin high, my drug of choice, never kicked in!

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Anonymous said...

As you spend much time outdoors, walking, you may wish to try Skin MD Natural shielding lotion. I've been using it for some time already and can tell you it works fine in preventing dryness, flaking, redness and irritation. It is better to apply the lotion before you talk a walk, so that it'd be able to protect your skin while you are exposed to cold and wind. It retains skin's natural moisture and keeps out moisture-robbing irritants that helps enhancing skin's own hydrating abilities.

Would be glad if it helps:)