Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Different Type of Eyeliner

Anytime I'm in Rite Aid to pick up a prescription I reward myself with a quick foray through the beauty section. My particular store appears to pay scant attention to that department and it often looks neglected. Still being an optimistic sort I'm always hopeful that they've cleaned up their act and I'll find something new.

The other day I noticed for the first time a display of eye liners by a manufacturer called Styli-Style. I took a quick look at the colors. None called out to me but then I happened on something I'd not seen before; a flat edged eye pencil.
Eyeliner is the one product that I can't do without but I've yet to perfect the application. The line I draw is either too thick or too thin, so I'm forever on the lookout for a product that will do the job with a minimum of skill. Just maybe this was it. I took a second look at the colors. There was space for over a dozen but most of the bins were empty Neither gray nor olive, two of my favorites, were anywhere in sight. I settled on Dublin and hoped it wouldn't be too bright.
It wasn't and this morning I put my eyeliner on in record time. I really like the flat pencil. It's easy to use and makes getting the right thickness a cinch. They also had a flat edged sharpener which I didn't buy at the time but is now on my list!

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