Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Get The Lowdown On That Anti-Aging Product

The beauty catalogues pile up next to my desk. I'd like to tell you that I'm not intrigued by their contents and eventually just toss them but I don't. I pour over them ever on the lookout for the product that really works, something I can recommend. What I find are a ton of promises:clear skin, luminous skin, the look of Botox with out the needle, the look of of a face lift with out a surgeon. It's all there worded to tantalize and seduce.
And if you are, as I am, over 60, they don't work. If you are younger results are not as dramatic as promised. Read the studies that are cited as proof carefully. They are usually self reported by a not too large sample of women using the product over a six week to three month period. Not exactly the evidence one would want in order to shell out the considerable sum these products demand.
Before you present your credit card, log on to the Beauty Brains.com for the inside scoop on what really works. You'll be surprised by what they have to say and the fact that equally effective products can be found no further away than your nearest drug store.