Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Sally Hansen (if such a person actually exists) is a woman after my own heart.
As much as I like to look good, life is too filled with other more compelling possibilities than sitting for upwards of twenty minutes to have my nails done. As a result I do mine my self and when time is really at a premium settle for polishless nails and hope that they escape notice. Last summer my nails got an upgrade when my gal Sal came out with a great product called Natural Shine Instant Nail Polish which I wrote about here. I loved it but it came only in clear and a barely nude color that needed a couple of coats .
Now Sally's done it again with an updated version that comes in several colors. This product is aptly called Color Quick and is a fast dry nail color pen that provides,as it says on the packaging, a Manicure in Minutes. Sally doesn't lie. You just click the top of the pen to dispense the color to the brush attached to the end. By the time you finish the last nail, the first one is dry.
As a bonus it boasts your nail's health because it contains anti oxidant Vitamins A& E to condition them and UV protection to keep the color fresh!