Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Channeling My Inner Witch

I never imagined I'd be one of those women concocting a beauty potion in her kitchen but there I was one night last week doing just that.
It all started when I received a sample of DHC Deep Cleansing Oil which listed as ingredients olive oil and vitamin E. I liked the sample and then started to wonder would a homemade version work as well? Of course I had to try.
I used a small, maybe a one ounce beauty sample jar and filled it almost to the top with extra virgin olive oil. A search reveled a lack of vitamin E capsules but I did find a big jar of Omega-3- fatty acid capsules that I figured would do just as well if not better. I pierced one and emptied its contents into the olive oil and as I did inhaled the smell of fish. Not to be deterred from being the next Estee Lauder (I think she started out in the kitchen too) I made a quick foray into my bedroom where I grabbed a purse size bottle of Joy and shook exactly three drops into the mixture. It did the trick and I've been using it not only as a cleanser but as a moisturizer too.
Try it yourself!
Cheers, Barb