Sunday, December 30, 2007

Help For Highlights

A while back while waiting in NBC's green room I watched in amazement as two makeup artists transformed a handful of unremarkable looking women into on air dazzlers. Most notable of all the tricks I witnessed was the use of black cake mascara (the old fashioned kind that comes in a narrow box along with a brush that has to be dampened) to touch up the white roots on the head of a dark haired woman.
Recently I discovered that Frederic Fekkai has come out with a Hair Mascara for those of us with highlights. My base color is medium brown with a sprinkling of gray, a combination that enables me to go three months in between touch ups. Okay,the last few weeks it looks less than perfect especially when I pull it back for ballet class but I'm good at ignoring it. However, recently I let almost four months go by before I called for an appointment and then had to wait an additional week. By that time the two inch width of mousy color was hard to ignore. Then I remembered the hair mascara and beat a path to Sephora

Hi Lights Hair Mascara is housed in a pale blue tube. The only thing that distinguishes it from eye mascara is that the brush and bristles are slightly larger It was easy to apply, mistake proof and transformed that mousy gap with light reflecting streaks of gold. It dried in just a few minute and left my limp hair with a hint of body much like a like a styling gel. Hair mascara washes out with the next shampoo. I can't believe someone didn't come out with this before but of course there's always regular mascara for those of you with dark hair. Brush on!
Cheers, Barb