Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Best Face Treatment

A few years back I was stuck in the airport at Aruba and every mirror reflected my tan dehydrated face. Surly it must be the lighting I thought to myself, unwilling to belive I looked that bad. And yes, I had used tons of sunscreen and moisturizer but evidently it hadn't been enough.

I headed for the duty free shop and was buoyed to see that they had a Clarins counter. The salesgirl took a quick look at me and suggested their face oil. Oil for my face? I remember being a bit taken back but there was no time to ponder because they were calling my flight. I purchased something called Santel Face Treatment Oil and applied some before take off and again before landing. I continued to use it at home in place of my regular moisturizer. However once the bottle was empty I didn't replace it and I can't remember why but then I do tend to be fickle about such things

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when the dermatologist prescribed oil topped with lotion for my legs, arms etc. I was so pleased with the results that one morning, on a whim I applied the same mixture to my face, substituting my creme Lancome moisturizer for the lotion. My face has had a dewy glow ever since .
I see that Clarins now makes 3 three different kinds of face oil, and several high end, heavy duty face moisturizers have oil listed as one of their major ingredients. And I seem to remember reading that one of the prominent beauty denizens , maybe Trish or Bobbie mentioned applying oil to one's face. I think I may just be on the cusp of a trend. But whatever, it certainly works for me.

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