Friday, December 01, 2006


We sit three chairs in a row at my hair salon,our wet hair slicked back baring our faces, eyes straight ahead appaising our reflections. Not my best moment. It's at this point that I usually wonder why I didn't apply more,concealer, blush or what have you. I also wonder why the quality of the mirrors is so poor,given that this is a temple of beauty.
As the scissors snip above I usually continue to pretend to stare straight ahead but instead move my eyes to the side just to get a peek at how my neighbor is faring. Are the lines between her nose and mouth as prominent as mine appear in this questionable mirror? Are her undereye circles as dark?.
At my last appointment I arived late and hadn't had a chance to touch up my makeup since I'd applied it early in the morning. I slipped into the chair and bracing my ego, eyed my reflection. Where were those undereye shadows? And those lines were not nearly as definded as I expected. Had they changed those mirrors? Could my vision be worsening? My eyes stayed peeled at my reflection. What had I done differently?
Then I remembered. Instead of my usual blush I had used a new one sent to me by my daughter. It's realy a bronzer,she wrote, you brush it all over your face.
This little wonder is put out by Cargo and it's called Beach Blush. The shade she picked out for me is Coral Beach and its tin container gives no hint to the magic inside. This multihued wonder, which you swirl arond with a brush (not included) defuses lines and imperfections, and softens shadows. I've tried several bronzers but never, until now,found one that I absolutely loved. The rest were either too creamy,drying,or orange. Cargo's a winner!

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Kim said...

That sounds great....which daughter gave it to you? and was it a gift or a reject?