Thursday, April 20, 2006

At the Clinique Counter

I just purchased my third jar (in less than a year) of Clinique's Super Defense Moisturizer. I'm usually quite fickle regarding my beauty product buying habits and am always on the lookout for something better so when I'm a repeat purchaser you know it's a good product. This pale pink cream is absorbed quickly but leaves your skin with a luminous glow. And if there's one thing we all need it's that GLOW! It also has an SPF of 20. It's sold as part of a three step process the other two being a cleanser and toner but I didn't know about that until recently, my previous sales women not being as ambitious or aggressive as this last one. Anyway I refused. My skin is dry and I've yet to see any reason for a toner and as to a cleanser I've yet to find any better than Pond's Cold Cream which I have been using regularly for years with just some detours to try some samples here and there but I've never found anything I liked more. On nights when I'm tired or in a hurry I just apply it and tissue it off with out using water. Other nights I rinse it off and then apply a night cream. I've yet to find a favorite. If you have one, please let me know.

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