Saturday, May 28, 2011


Bobbie Brown does it. So does Benefit,Nars and a host of others. What I'm talking about are those two in one products a cream formula color stick marketed to be used on lips and cheeks. I'm all for it. There's nothing like paring down the amount of cosmetics you tote around to make you feel like a natural beauty. However there's but no need to rush to Sephora to add another product to an already burgeoning collection. We already have multiple use products tumbling out of our makeup drawers and bags. It's just a matter of using a little creativity
A lipstick can easily duplicate as a blush, in fact many makeup artists have long used it as such. The trick in to have well moisturized skin at the site of application. It's also vital to blend well.
Concealer is probably your most versatile product. Nix the eyeshadow base the makeup consultants will tell you is a must; concealer applied with a brush works just as well. And here's a confession: I substitute concealer for eyeshadow itself on a regular basis. When used along with eyeliner and mascara, it gives a natural look that works well for daytime.
The possibilities for double uses are endless. When my daughter was in college she made her own tinted moisturizer be mixing a small amount of foundation with moisturizer. And speaking of moisturizer never ever discard or give it away. what wrecks havoc with your face will be heaven for your feet!


Girl-Woman said...

Great advice, Barb. I never thought about using concealer as an eye shadow. I will try it tomorrow.

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